Davis Elen is a full–service advertising agency that has remained independently owned for nearly seven decades.

We are a transformative force. A catalyst. Advocates of action. With a rich history of results, the creative minds at Davis Elen continually bring to the table fresh and innovative ways to dynamically impact our clients’ business.

Their success is our success.

  • We are a full service agency with a wide range of capabilities and experience.
  • We are fiercely independent, and yet we think of our clients as partners.
  • We believe great ideas are nothing without results. And results can only be achieved with great ideas.
  • We have seen a lot in our 64 years, but we’re still excited by every new marketing opportunity that emerges.
  • We believe that that anyone can think outside the box. The true challenge is to discover great ideas inside the box.
  • We are Davis Elen Advertising.
  • And our clients wouldn’t have it any other way.

We've all heard people say, "Think outside the box". Yet the last time our creative thinking truly had no boundaries was probably in kindergarten. From then on, in one form or another, we've all been coloring inside the lines. Brands, products, business objectives, target audience and strategy are our guidelines today, to direct our thinking and deliver results for our clients. Be it planning, management, media, finance, production or creative, we are all measured by our ability to get in the box, spacious or claustrophobic, shut the lid and solve the problem at hand. It's not easy. It's not for everyone. But, it is where inspired thinking begins. This is where moving creativity is born. This is our philosophy.

We are Davis Elen Advertising. Think inside the box.